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    Monogrammed Gifts

    Decal Instructions

    A practice decal is sent with every order and instructions are printed on your invoice.

    ********Be sure to use your practice decal FIRST!!!*********

    1. Use TWO PEOPLE for the Giant Wall Decals!!!

    2. Your Decal will stick to most flat surfaces. Metal, Glass, Fiberglass, Wood, etc… The most important thing to remember is that the surface needs to be CLEAN and completely DRY.

    3. The decal is sandwiched between a thick backing and a thin transfer paper. Take your fingernail and gently pull the thin transfer paper away from the backing taking the decal with it. If you see a portion of decal staying on the backing, slowly fold some back and press it back onto the transfer paper… After you have removed the backing completely, you are left with the transfer paper and decal.

    4. The decal is VERY STICKY so be sure you have it in the right position before pressing into place. Position your decal where you want it and then take a credit card or your finger and rub over the transfer paper to press the air bubbles out and smooth the decal onto the surface.

    5. Slowly pull the transfer paper away at an angle, if any of the decal pulls away too, carefully push it back with the transfer paper, rub on that portion again and then continue to pull transfer paper away.